Dave Filoni Isn’t Always Trying To Pull His Animated Star Wars Characters Into Live-Action

Dave Filoni will have a chance to bring even more of his animated creations over into live-action on the upcoming “Ahsoka” series he’s developing. However, the creative revealed in an interview with The Wrap that he “very rarely” gets to make the transition because of the inherent differences between live-action and animation. He brought up the examples of Bo-Katan and Cad Bane, the former of which he said requires a different type of performance from Katee Sackhoff in two distinct mediums. Cad Bane in “The Book of Boba Fett” presented an even tricker problem since he’s an alien that’s easier to visually portray in a cartoon. Filoni explained that he only adapts his animated characters for live-action when he’s confident they can make a smooth transition:

“I’m always cautious. And [‘The Mandalorian’ creator] Jon [Favreau] and I talk about who will we bring in? I try to do it when it makes the most sense. […] The character [Cad Bane], he’s so lean and gaunt in ‘The Clone Wars.’ And if we don’t do that, is it all CG? How are we going to portray that? If we don’t think we can do that effectively, then we shouldn’t do it.”

It’s worth noting that although Corey Burton reprised his role as the voice of Cad Bane, the motion capture stunt performer Dorian Kingi acted as the body stand-in to get the anatomy proportions correct for “The Book of Boba Fett.” Luckily for fans, it sounds like Filoni has found a way to bring his characters from “Rebels” into “Ahsoka.” After all, as he put it himself, “I wrote it. You can’t fault me there.”

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