David S. Goyer Thought Batman Begins Would Never Make It Out Of Development Hell

While Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer knew of each other through mutual friends, they had never actually spoken before. That changed when the director personally called him to extend an offer — bring back Batman to the big screen in a gritty, realistic origin story. According to Goyer, that was all that Nolan had at the time. “Other than it being sort of an origin story, there wasn’t yet much to talk about,” the “Blade” screenwriter told Empire.

Through their discussions, they agreed that the humanity of Batman needed to be the film’s priority. After all, the Caped Crusader proved that anyone with the resources and ability to do good could be a superhero — Bruce Wayne may have tons of money, but ultimately, he is a mortal man like the rest of us, something that Superman can’t claim to be.

“If we’re successful,” Goyer told Variety in 2004, “the thing that will be talked about a lot and on what we worked on the hardest is that the audience will really care about Bruce Wayne and not just Batman.”

Considering their film, “Batman Begins,” sparked a billion-dollar-grossing and Oscar-nominated trilogy, it’s fair to say that Nolan and Goyer were pretty successful. It is quite funny, however, that one of those men originally predicted the project would never go anywhere. At least Goyer realized the potential early enough and signed on.

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