Deadpool’s Taxi-Driving Buddy, Dopinder, Was Based On Ryan Reynolds’ Childhood Friend

At the same “Talks at Google” Q&A, an audience member expressed amusement at Deadpool’s decidedly one-sided relationship with Dopinder. This led to Reynolds sharing a, shall we say, jolting story about the real Dopinder. Per Reynolds:

“Dopinder … that name comes from my friend in elementary school. I went to school with this guy named Dopinder, and we’re paying tribute to him. He was killed. He was struck by lightning, which is just utterly crazy. Dopinder is a tribute to this guy. He was a really cool guy. That was more information than you ever wanted.”

This anecdote provoked nervous laughter, which was apparently okay by Reynolds. “They’re all laughing about it now,” he said. Or maybe he was joking. I’m assuming Dopinder had parents who loved him, but, hey, life goes on! Hopefully, they’re delighted that Dopinder has been immortalized in this R-rated superhero franchise – which is now getting folded into the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

We’ll find out what the “Deadpool” creative team has in store for Dopinder when “Deadpool 3” hits theaters on May 3, 2024 (provided the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers wises up ends the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike by paying these artists a fair wage).

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