Deadstream’s ‘Brutal’ Filming Schedule Meant There Was No Room For Error

Speaking to Film School Rejects, Joseph and Vanessa Winter talked about having to plan every aspect of “Deadstream” in advance because of the nature of the narrative frame of the livestream.

“It was pretty brutal,” Vanessa Winter said. 

“There wasn’t a lot of space to play around, time restriction-wise. And also, just in the nature of it being a livestream, the movie actually had to be pretty precise where each plot point and each dialogue piece was kind of timed out, so we didn’t end up with a really long movie.”

For his part, Joseph Winter, who also stars as Shawn Ruddy, explained that “there was a stopwatch aspect where Vanessa knew how many seconds we had for each moment.” This meant zero room for improv, despite the film feeling like it was. “The only time we had to make something up on the spot was because it just wasn’t working,” added Winter.

The fact that “Deadstream” feels so natural without using improvisation is a testament to not only the fantastic script, but to the intricate camera work used to make this found footage movie work. Whether looking to enjoy something spooky or just wanting to watch an internet idiot get what’s coming to him, “Deadstream” is worth adding to your to-watch list.

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