Dee Bradley Baker On The Bad Batch Season 2 And The Return Of Commander Cody [Exclusive Interview]

Now that a season has passed, are you more comfortable with the characters? Has that affected your performances in this season?

Yeah, it becomes a little bit easier to jump into these characters with these guys, and as they add more and more characters, which the second season does, to keep it afloat and to keep it distinct and to keep everyone as their own clear character. So yeah, it’s getting a little bit easier as they up the ante all around.

This season, there are also some returning characters, like Cody. How was that, revisiting that character, but at a completely different point in his life?

It’s really exciting to bring back Cody. I know there are always a lot of fans for Cody, and his story is particularly interesting in how that plays out, so it was really great to jump back in. I haven’t run into Cody for quite a while now, but he’s definitely back in a way that’s going to be very exciting for the fans.

There’s a bit of a conflict between clones realizing that they’re doing bad things, and within the Bad Batch in terms of whether they should be doing more. How does that affect your performances for each of the clones?

Well, it’s a very interesting background that’s playing out with these clones, both with the Bad Batch and the other clones like Rex, as you’ve mentioned, where they, first of all, need to find their footing in this completely flipped situation in the galaxy. And then, beyond just finding their footing and being able to sustain themselves, the question is, “What are we to do? Where are we to put our focus? Is it merely to be just staying alive and surviving, or selfish gain? Or is there a larger story that’s playing out that needs to be attended to?” And this increasingly becomes the focus of the second season, which makes it bigger and better and a lot more thrilling.

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