Dexter Prequel Series, Billions Spin-Offs Confirmed At Showtime

Meanwhile, four shows related to the Paul Giamatti-led finance world drama could be in the works, including ones titled (seriously) “Millions” and “Trillions.” Brian Koppelman and David Levien, the co-creators of “Billions,” would executive produce the new shows, which also include “Billions: London” and “Billions: Miami.” The latter sounds like the most fun, as it follows “the world of private aviation, where the clientele believe the rules of society, government and gravity don’t apply to them.”

Typically, getting the original creators involved is a sign that a prequel, sequel, or reboot is headed in the right direction, but from where I’m standing, both of these deals look like cash grabs for a network that needs to get more eyeballs on it. Last week, Showtime cancelled several shows, purged even more from their streamers, and announced the merger that THR reported will likely lead to layoffs. “Dexter” in particular was a sometimes-great show that went on many seasons too long, and the continued attempts to add to a narrative that’s been dead and buried twice already feels a little bit like trying to desperately scrawl another paragraph after teachers have ordered pencils down.

I’m curious to see if other fans are as fatigued about the idea of more “Dexter” as I am. But it’s also clear that Paramount executive Chris McCarthy, who has been credited with expanding the “Yellowstone” TV universe, has a good track record for turning one lucrative title into several. This news may feel like mining IP for profit, but Paramount+ has so far built its brand largely on franchises, including the star-studded “Yellowstone” spinoffs and several good-to-great “Star Trek” series. Let’s just hope they don’t touch the perfect-as-it-is survival thriller “Yellowjackets.”

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