Director Chad Stahelski Felt Some Fear About Throwing Out The John Wick ‘Formula’ For Chapter 4

In an interview with Empire, Chad Stahelski discussed the follow-up to his original “John Wick” trilogy and admitted he was worried about changing up the established formula with “Chapter 4,” explaining:

It gets a little scary after the third one. Because now we have a formula that works. But you have to throw caution to the wind and say, ‘F*** it, we’re not doing that again.’ So now, on number four, we have multiple storylines. The movie feels different. It feels more epic.

Seeing as “Parabellum” is considerably larger than the first two “John Wick” films (John literally finds himself stranded in the Moroccan desert at one point), “Chapter 4” would have to be a significant leap, considering Stahelski’s comment. The confirmed locations thus far include France, Jordan, and Japan, which supports the claim that we will be getting another globe-trotting adventure, but on a bigger scale and in varied locales. In other words, we’re going to witness some of that patented “John Wick” action in a brand-new light. However, the added scenery also serves another important, more personal purpose. What grounds the “John Wick” franchise is at the heart of its protagonist, which will be further established with characters from his past in “Chapter 4.”

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