Director Gerard Johnstone Thinks M3GAN Is No More Surreal Than Real Life A.I.

Speaking with our own BJ Colangelo, Gerard Johnstone was asked if the proliferation of A.I. tools is something that he’s thinking about in terms of “M3GAN’s” future. While he’s not officially confirmed to return for the sequel, it sure sounds like Johnstone is thinking pretty heavily about the sequel. In fact, he even confirms that one of the consultants on “M3GAN,” a guy by the name of Peter Abell, was actually involved with ChatGPT’s development.

“He was talking about these kind of generative algorithms that you could have a conversation with, and that did exactly what we were setting up “M3GAN” to do. We’ve been very fortunate that the timing of this movie has worked out so well. I mean, technology is just on this massive upward curve right now. It’s just advancing so quickly and we’re all struggling to keep up with it and figure out a way to not just regulate it, but to even put it in context. I could do a film treatment using ChatGPT. Because sometimes it’s the hardest thing to just put words on a page. And I’m sure you could as a writer as well. It’s like you could put in a bunch of ideas you’re thinking about for a story and ChatGPT will give you a half-decent first draft.”

This opens up the door for a lot of potentially crazy options for Johnstone and his creative team, especially if confirmed returning screenwriter Akela Cooper wants to toy around with one of these A.I. tools to get an actual computer’s input on the script or story. 

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