Disney Forced The Boogeyman Director To Rewrite Key Scenes To Avoid A Star Wars Fiasco [Exclusive]

Easily probably the most putting picture to emerge from the advertising for “The Boogeyman” is that of Vivien Lyra Blair’s character, Sawyer, taking part in with a luminous moon ball in her bed room at evening (unaware of the terrifying creature lurking simply beneath her mattress). During our interview with him, Rob Savage revealed he had initially deliberate for Sawyer to make use of what he known as a “knockoff lightsaber” to gentle up her room. He defined:

“Because I had a toy lightsaber that was rubbish as a kid, a knockoff one, and the idea was that it was going to fritz and it was going to start sending these lighthouse beams of light up the hallway and then back. It was kind of like we were playing with that same idea of what’s visible and what’s not.”

It seems like a fairly cool visible idea, utilizing gentle and darkness to create soar scares and suspense in comparable methods to what David F. Sandberg did to nice impact in his 2016 horror hit “Lights Out.” The solely drawback was, Disney wasn’t eager on the entire in-joke of Baby Princess Leia utilizing a lightsaber in a Stephen King horror film — an in-joke that, Savage admitted, was truly fully unintentional:

“Then of course, I had completely forgotten that we’d cast young Princess Leia and the idea of young Princess Leia holding a faulty lightsaber wasn’t one that Disney wanted to go forward with, so we had to madly scramble to come up with something else.”

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