Do Jamie Frasers Dream Of Electric Light?

The teaser is built around narration from Jamie, describing a dream he had of Claire surrounded by a kind of light he has never seen in his own lifetime, but which he believes to be electric light — a vision of the future that Claire came from. This is a particularly interesting detail given a mystery that has been lingering since the “Outlander” pilot, when Claire’s first husband, Frank Randall, arrived back at their lodgings to see a “ghost” watching Claire through the window … where she was bathed in electric light.

Is Jamie destined to somehow travel forward in time through the stones at Craigh na Dun? Gabaldon has said that the ability to time-hop is genetic, which is why both Claire and Bree have traveled through them, yet Jamie never has. But if it’s possible to absorb the time-traveling disposition through osmosis, then Jamie has certainly spent enough intimate time with Claire over the previous six seasons to have soaked up some of that time juice.

“Outlander” season 7 is based on Gabaldon’s novel “An Echo in the Bone,” the seventh in the main series that now consists of nine published novels, with Jamie and Claire’s story set to wrap up in the tenth. If you haven’t already been spoiled by reading ahead, you can find out what’s next for the Frasers when “Outlander” returns to Starz next summer.

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