Dominican Sci-Fi Drama ‘Aire’ Wins Fantastic Latido Award in Cannes

Dominican filmmaker Leticia Tonos’ sci-fi drama “Aire” has gained the inaugural Fantastic Latido Award on the Cannes Film Market’s new Fantastic Pavilion style hub.  

Presented by Madrid-based Latido Films, the Fantastic Latido Award presents worldwide gross sales illustration for the profitable movie.

“Aire” facilities on Tania, a conservation biologist dwelling in a future dystopian world the place the human race has been diminished to extinction degree by air pollution and illness. In an effort to maintain her species from disappearing fully, she tries with the assistance of Vida, a synthetic intelligence system, to self-inseminate herself.

Her life with the AI system is disrupted, nonetheless, when Azarias, a mysterious traveler, arrives, making a tense and dangerously poisonous three-way relationship.

“Aire” stars Sophie Gaelle Gomez (“Rosario Tijeras”), Dominican actor Jalsen Santana and Spain’s Paz Vega because the voice of Vida.

Produced by Tonos’ Producciones Línea Espiral SRL and Lantica Media together with Spain’s Menos es Más and Contrasentido, “Aire” was largely shot at Pinewood Dominican Republic Studios, the place sizable units for the manufacturing have been constructed. Lantica additionally operates services on the studios.

“‘Aire’ is probably one of the most ambitious films coming from the Dominican Republic,” stated Latido CEO Antonio Saura. “A fantastic story of religion and survival in an apocalyptic world, utilizing to its most expression the chance of capturing within the nice studios that Lantica has on the island.

“In a very personal style, with a slow pace at the beginning that gradually evolves into a thriller, Leticia shows us her masterful control of the environment she has created, creating some of the most amazing images we have seen coming out of Latam cinema. What she does with the budget she had is a lesson for future creators on how to deliver great sci-fi by just putting to work the imagination,” Saura added.

“Sci-fi has been an almost prohibited genre in Latin America, even more so in the Caribbean,” Tonos identified. “I think that’s why precisely the fact of assuming this challenge with all of its consequences is what has given a very particular gaze to ‘Aire’. We want to be part of the conversation about our future as human beings on this Earth, and for a long time we have been left out.”

“We are proud and happy that in its very first edition the Fantastic Latido Award found in ‘Aire’ a very strong winner from the Caribbean, a region that with only a burgeoning effort to shed light on the Ibero-American genre output succeeded in stand-ing out among very strong proposals from all over the region,” added Pablo Guisa Koestinger, Fantastic Pavilion’s govt director and CEO of Mexico City-based Grupo Mórbido.  

Latido Films chosen the Dominican sci-fi mission after “long deliberation and watching several very strong genre films.”

The Fantastic Pavilion obtained greater than 50 submitted tasks from a number of international locations, together with Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Chile.

Fantastic Pavilion organizers stated the “rich sub-genre diversity of the region’s output was palpable in the submissions,” with proposals starting from slasher, thriller and paranormal horror to darkish comedy and animated sci-fi.

Latido Films’ personal latest foray into the realm of style movies has met with success, with a rising roster that has included such hits as “The Platform” and “Virus 32.” The firm is about to launch Pablo Hernando’s sci-fi thriller “A Whale” and Simón Casal’s dystopian drama “Artificial Justice.”

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