Dominique Fishback Has A Problem In Prime Video’s Latest From Atlanta Team

After her star-making turn in “Judas and the Black Messiah,” Fishback will lead the series with a character inspired by “The Piano Teacher” and “The King of Comedy.” If that alone doesn’t make you interested in checking it out, then what will? Maybe the inclusion of Chloe Bailey, who will play Dre’s sister Marissa, and Damson Idris playing her boyfriend. Other members of the cast have not yet been revealed, but they will likely be great additions.

Glover and Nabers both serve as showrunners, although the latter appears to have written the majority of the series. We do know that Glover directed the series’ first episode, and his brother Stephen also has writing credits. Jamal Olori, Ibra Ake, Karen Joseph Adcock, and Malia Ann Obama rounded up the writers’ room for the show. The show is likely part of Glover’s overall deal with Prime Video, which he signed in 2021 after a lengthy tenure at FX. 

“Swarm” will premiere at the SXSW Film & TV Festival before releasing in its entirety onto Prime Video on March 17.

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