Donald Glover’s Exit From Community Hit Danny Pudi Particularly Hard

The Troy/Abed relationship was pretty pivotal for the series. I’m not saying “Community” fell apart when Glover left because I still loved every minute of it. There was just a sweetness about their relationship that I missed. I mean, these two guys wholesomely rapped with Betty White, for Starburns’s sake. 

Pudi was asked about his feelings on Glover’s departure. He told The Wrap: 

“It’s mixed feelings, like anything. Donald is a great friend. It’s not just Troy and Abed, it’s Danny and Donald, too. So, you’re dealing with those emotions. We work a lot of hours together and in close quarters. I don’t want to say it’s sad, because I’m excited for him. There’s a feeling of instant nostalgia. You start thinking about those first times you’re together, the very first exchange you have when he’s telling you your breath is horrible — everything starts flashing. I’m just thankful for it.”

I guess that sort of mitigates the sadness of it all, how supportive Pudi was of Glover’s decision to move on. Plus, they do spend time together off the set, something that Glover said in a Music Choice video from 2011. He explained, “We really like hanging out with each other, like I’m hanging with Danny all the time.” 

Here’s hoping that every one of the cast members will return for the “a movie” part of the #sixseasonsandamovie hashtag we all posted relentlessly. The “Community” movie goes into production this summer. 

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