Doom Patrol Might Be Ending, But The Characters Don’t Have To

As Gunn says in his tweet, it’s up to him and Safran to pick and choose what carries over in the new (and hopefully improved) DCU. But if my words were to mean anything beyond the confines of this article, I hope it would be to convince the filmmaking duo that a “Doom Patrol” film should happen. We’ve already seen other popular shows continue their story in sequel films, such as “Downton Abbey,” “Entourage,” and the upcoming “Community” movie. It usually takes many years for those to come to fruition, but a “Doom Patrol” follow-up in the DCU theatrical slate would be a welcome surprise, no matter when it happens.

If not their own project, the titular team in “Doom Patrol” still deserves some time in the spotlight. Even if it’s just a few of them, I can totally see members of the team showing up sporadically in other DCU projects. For instance, you can’t tell me Brendan Fraser’s foul-mouthed Robotman would not be a genius and seamless addition to the “Peacemaker” series on HBO Max. The “Doom Patrol” show does not need a direct continuation, but letting perfectly cast and written characters in the dust should not be the preferred option. Another “Doom Patrol” project is inevitable, however, it’s simply too difficult to separate Fraser, Diane Guerrero, April Bowlby, and the rest of the team from their superhero counterparts.

No matter what, we’ll have four seasons to revisit. The first half of the final season of “Doom Patrol is now streaming on HBO Max, while the second portion arrives later this year.

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