Enola Holmes 2 review: “A job well done”

Early on in Netflix’s Enola Holmes 2, a sequel to 2020’s breakout Nancy Springer adaptation, the eponymous hero has to carry big brother Sherlock home. World’s greatest detective? Greatest drunk, more like, and it doesn’t take a sleuth to get the point. Though teamwork – sibling and otherwise – is a theme, fear not: Millie Bobby Brown’s Enola remains the anchor for a flawed but fun and ambitious sequel, lit up by her quick, droll lead.

With confidence flaunted upfront, the game is swiftly afoot as we find Enola hurtling along backstreets, bobbies in pursuit. How did she get here? Flashbacks recount Enola’s difficulties starting a detective agency in the late 19th century. She’s considered too young, too… female. But when a girl asks Enola to locate her missing sister, who worked at a match factory, Enola uncovers corruption from shop floors to theatres and balls, with brawls, smoke bombs, stabbings, red herrings, and rooftop escapes navigated en route.

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