Every Main Character In Fatal Attraction Ranked By Their Ability To Ruin Your Life

Were we to base this rating on Adrian Lyne’s authentic movie, Alex Forrest would in all probability prime the listing of damaging characters. However, the brand new iteration of this sophisticated girl is a lot greater than a femme fatale. Episode 3 offers us a glimpse into her troubled psyche, revealing a lady determined for love however satisfied she’ll by no means obtain it on her personal deserves. Suffering from an unnamed psychological sickness, Alex alternates between manipulating others and lashing out with threats any time she feels even barely insulted. Despite this extra sympathetic portrayal, Alex is clearly unstable. She’s orchestrated each random encounter resulting in her affair with Dan and expertly guided him into her mattress. When he tries to finish their fling, she engages in self-harm and fakes a suicide try to attempt to regain his sympathy.

Alex tries the whole lot in her energy to reunite with Dan. She information an nameless grievance accusing him of sexual misconduct, exhibits up at his home, kidnaps his daughter, and murders his mother-in-law to punish him for not loving her and persuade him to depart his household. We additionally study that Alex has a historical past of erratic and harmful conduct. A neighbor she briefly dated strikes away in the dark, and her former therapist needs nothing to do together with her. Who is aware of what number of lives she’s destroyed earlier than shifting on to Dan? Given her troubled psychological state, Alex just isn’t essentially the most harmful or malicious particular person in “Fatal Attraction,” however she’s undoubtedly a lady you’d wish to keep away from.

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