Every Member Of You Season 4’s Oxford Circle Ranked By How Insufferable They Are

It says a lot about the Oxford circle that one of its least irritating members is an actual serial killer. Rhys Montrose, played by the memorable Ed Speleers, is the only person Joe meets on his first night at Sundry House that is able to carry on a thoughtful conversation with him. Rhys is intelligent, charismatic, and humble but wildly successful, and plans to run for Mayor of London to address the shameful wealth inequality in the city. He’s also been killing his own friends and anonymously tormenting Joe. While Rhys’s actions are inexcusable, there is no denying his likability. He is warm, charming, and always knows the right thing to say. Sure, he’s a cold-blooded killer, but so is Joe. 

Rhys and Joe actually have quite a bit in common. They both had traumatic childhoods, they both share an interest in literature, and they both have a deep sense of justice. Of course, Joe commits murder for his own romantic gain while Rhys does it in a misguided attempt to effect meaningful social change. Rhys is the perfect counterpart to Joe, a rival who can give him a run for his money and shatter the facade he has worked so hard to craft. It’s going to be a blast to see what happens between the two killers next. 

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