Every Movie Titanic Defeated At The Box Office During Its Initial Run

On paper, “U.S. Marshals,” the sequel to the massive hit “The Fugitive,” seemed like a lock to take the top spot that weekend. What Warner Bros. didn’t count on, however, was that Cameron would have a once-in-a-lifetime (until 2009) hit with “Titanic,” which added $17.6 million in its 12th weekend, the weekend of March 6. That same weekend, “U.S. Marshals” debuted with $16.8 million, narrowly missing the top spot and giving Cameron’s blockbuster the closest run for its money to date. It just wasn’t a good enough run. Meanwhile, several other movies entered the fold, including “Twilight” (not that one) with $5.8 million, “Hush” ($5.7 million), and, most surprising of all, “The Big Lebowski” ($5.5 million). That Coen brothers comedy would absolutely achieve classic status, but not right away. In its debut, it had to settle for sixth place. Perhaps if fewer new releases had arrived that weekend, “U.S. Marshals” could have ended things right then and there, but that’s not the way it shook out.

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