Every Season Of Criminal Minds, Ranked Worst To Best

Season 2 of “Criminal Minds” marks the beginning of the dream team. Elle (Lola Glaudini) becomes replaced by Prentiss, a trade that works. However, it’s not because Elle was a terrible character. Sadly, her storyline started to feel improbably ludicrous by its end. After her near-death experience at the end of season 1, she returns to work but struggles to adjust. Unfortunately, this leads her to take matters into her own hands — shooting a serial rapist without cause, marking the end of her career with the FBI.

Thankfully, Brewster blesses us with her presence this season. At first, her character seems mysterious, and this is a good thing! The show lets her character arc develop slowly without giving anything away too early. Season 2 is the only season in which both Prentiss and Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) are present, which makes for a unique team dynamic. This season allows viewers to get to know the characters deeper as they face personal challenges. Reid becomes kidnapped and tortured by a serial killer, while Morgan has a hard time dealing with a case that forces him to confront the abuse he endured as a child. Though the series was still finding its footing in season 2, things started to coalesce.

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