Every Season Of The Expanse, Ranked Worst To Best

The show’s penultimate season sees “The Expanse” get back to what it does best, leaning into an all-out war that immediately puts the heroes on the defensive. With Inaros now leading the Belter paramilitary group, the Free Navy, Earth and Mars quickly find themselves at the mercy of the cunning leader’s brutal tactics. To make matters more intimately ugly, Inaros teams up with Filip (Jasai Chase Owens), the adult son of Inaros and Holden’s longtime lover and confidante, Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper).

The fifth season tonally feels like “The Empire Strikes Back,” with the might of the Free Navy incurring heavy losses on all of Inaros’ opposition throughout its 10 episodes. However, the show’s true strength has always been in the complicated dynamics between its characters. Amidst the planetary bombardment, “The Expanse” keeps sight of this strength, deepening its flair for character study. A return to form, it’s the fifth season where “The Expanse” feels like it’s taken advantage of Prime Video’s production potential, delivering cinematic-level sci-fi action.

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