Every Star Wars Easter Egg In The Mandalorian Season 3, Episode 3

The Din and Bo show wasn’t long, but there are a few things that stuck out. Last week, Din jumped into the water in the mines on Mandalore and returned with a vial of the stuff as proof of his redemption. It feels like the dove bringing back water to Noah’s ark to show that the land was livable again. Bo stood as a witness (which reminded me of the “witness me” line from “Mad Max: Fury Road”), which is something someone often does for important moments in people’s lives. 

Din is a pretty formal guy, while Bo is more … I don’t want to say “casual,” but she is certainly more physically relaxed, as we saw last week in her posture when she drapes herself over her throne. Since the moment when Din honors her father’s sacrifice for Mandalore with the traditional words, “This is the Way,” she seems to have turned a mental corner. Things seem to be reminding her of her past, which brings me to the Easter eggs. 

We know that Bo-Katan is part of a different sect of Mandalorians and has been part of the Death Watch, which was a terrorist group of Mandalorians that opposed her sister Satine’s rule of peace. She was also a member of the Nite Owls (as the Armorer says when meeting her), which was a largely female unit. Later, Bo became part of a resistance to Darth Maul’s rule over Mandalore and took the Nite Owls (the ones who felt as she did) with her. 

She notices the mythosaur skull on the wall in the foundry and may be shifting to the side of the Armorer’s ways. Is she the convert from the title? She did see a mythosaur in the waters, while Din didn’t. 

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