Every Vehicle In Barbie Is Based On A Real Toy (Yes, Seriously)

“Barbie” gets good use out of its intricate, brightly-colored travel montage sets, as several characters make the trek to and from the real world throughout the movie. The most prominent vehicle in the film’s marketing campaign was the Barbie Convertible, which has been a staple in Barbie toy lines for decades. Barbie doesn’t always drive the same car (I’m pretty sure the one I had as a kid was red, not pink), but the one on display in the movie is a classic: a late 1950s-style Chevy Corvette. This specific Corvette toy design is now available as a movie tie-in collectible, but Barbie’s been repping Corvette since the ’70s.

The rest of the travel montage features a boat, rocketship, tandem bicycle, camper, and snowmobile, all of which also come from real Barbie toy lines. The boat in the movie looks a bit like a speedboat, but these days Barbie boats tend to be Dream Houses of their own, complete with on-deck pools and waterslides. The rocket, meanwhile, has the old-fashioned missile look of early spacecrafts, a design that’s shared by rocket ships that come in a few different rocket-themed playsets. In real-life toys, Chelsea dolls can fit inside the rockets, but it’s funnier for the film to have Barbie perched on top and Ken flailing behind.

Barbie has sold cute tandem bicycles since at least the 1980s, though these days the set you’ll most often find for sale once again features Chelsea (formerly known as Kelly), a character we didn’t see in the movie, who is Barbie’s little sister. Barbie has also been snowmobiling for decades, including as a part of the “I Can Be” series, which imagines her as a veterinarian in the Arctic. That set comes with a baby seal and polar bear, plus, naturally, a sparkly pink igloo.

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