Everything We Know About Nick Frost-Led Krazy House

Nick Frost, Alicia Silverstone (“Clueless”), and Kevin Connolly (“Entourage”) are set to star in the dark comedy film, with Dutch Gaite Jansen (“Leopard Skin”), Walt Klink (“Neontetra”), Jan Bijvoet (“Borgman”), Chris Peters (“Penoza”), and Matti Stooker (“Pirates Down the Street”) rounding out the cast.

While Frost is playing the lead in Bernie, it’s assumed that Silverstone will be playing his wife. Little information about the characters has been made public, but during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in February, Silverstone spoke positively of the experience.

“In terms of my work, I’m having nothing but fun now,” Silverstone added, “I had a ball in Amsterdam, making a film with these amazing interesting filmmakers. I’m really happy with my life.”

/Film spoke with Ms. Silverstone last year before the release of her shark flick, “The Requin” — she’s been taking on some unique roles in recent years. Based on what we know about “Krazy House,” this sounds like a great chance for Silverstone to remind folks that she’s more than just a ’90s icon.

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