Exploring Yellowjackets’ Secret Spot In The Wilderness

The newest episode appears to substantiate this principle. While poor Javi falls into an icy lake earlier than he can present Nat the key spot he tells her about, Coach Ben appears to search out the identical spot — or a really related one — across the identical time. He’s guided by a drawing that Javi made episodes earlier, which exhibits an image of a tree with an upside-down association of branches. When Coach Ben steps inside, it appears clear that somebody had been dwelling within the underground house; remnants of an deserted hearth and the bones of small animals are among the many particles littering the cavern’s flooring. The cave would additionally make a fantastic hiding spot, so Javi may theoretically sneak out to steal bear meat from the camp and even meet with sleepwalking Taissa (Jasmin Savoy Brown) — who, it ought to be stated, stopped sleepwalking after he was discovered.

The underground cavern reveal additionally may clear up one of many largest mysteries of “Yellowjackets,” because the tree in query has the present’s mysterious image carved into its trunk. The group has lengthy since assumed the image is one thing highly effective and unknowable, like an historic rune or spiritual scrawl, however what if it is a map? The strains and shapes could possibly be making sense of an underground tunnel system that is both man-made or pure; it is appeared on timber that Taissa awakened subsequent to at night time, as properly. We know there’s no less than one different stump venting sizzling air as a result of the one Natalie and Travis noticed earlier than is significantly smaller than the grand previous tree Coach stumbles upon.

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