Fast & Furious 6 Has One Of The Greatest Lines Of Dialogue In Motion Picture History

Take a second and take into consideration that. Think in regards to the monumental ramifications of what which means.

Because the film isn’t just saying a automobile broke their fall. It’s not simply saying {that a} automobile breaking their fall prevented them from experiencing any accidents in anyway. It’s saying that, on this universe, everybody is aware of vehicles break falls.

After all, if Dom had flown by the air, swooped up Letty, and so they hadn’t landed on a two-ton chunk of metallic and glass, they may have been harm. If they’d hit asphalt they may have even sprained one thing. But no, fortunately they landed on metallic and glass. At extremely excessive speeds. So naturally they’re advantageous, as a result of that is simply life now.

From that second onward, this one hilarious line of dialogue re-writes the entire collection. We knew these individuals may do cool automobile stuff, however now we additionally know that everybody within the “Fast & Furious” motion pictures has “+100 against cars” written on their character sheets. As lengthy as they’re in or on vehicles nothing dangerous can ever occur to them. You can simply casually skim the remainder of the movies within the collection and see how true that’s. They fly a automobile by a satellite tv for pc in area and nothing dangerous occurs as a result of don’t fret … they’re in a automobile.

For the document, I’m not complaining. I feel this line is a piece of genius, as a result of it manages to be humorous whereas actually rewriting our expectations for the entire collection in simply 13 phrases. The movies efficiently renegotiated their contract with the viewers and now, instantly, that is very a lot allowed, and I adore it, as a result of it means even wilder and sillier crap may occur sooner or later. And it did. And for probably the most half it has been nice.

Now that is good writing.

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