Fast X Director Louis Leterrier Did An Almost Total Rewrite Of The Script

When he was reworking the third act to “Fast X,” Leterrier realized something important. In order for his third act rewrites to work, they had to connect to the first two acts in an effective way. That prompted him to go back to the other acts and figure out ways to make everything more cohesive.

“Obviously, since the third act was changing, I needed to change the first act,” he recalled. “And when you rewrite the third act, and the first act, the second act has to go. So basically I had to on the fly rebuild the airplane.”

As previously mentioned, it’s not clear how long this actually took Leterrier to accomplish. At first glance, it could appear as if he made these rewrites during the four days between his hiring and his first day on set, but that wouldn’t make much sense. Regardless of how long this process actually took, he wasn’t doing it alone. He recalled the rewriting process as a collaborative one that took everyone’s opinions and suggestions into consideration.

“I was embracing everyone, meeting with every actor, getting their notes, putting their notes into the script,” said Leterrier. “It was a lot of work, but it was possibly the most exciting and collaborative experience of my professional life.”

We’ll get to see this process come to life on the big screen sooner than you may think. “Fast X” drives into theaters on May 19.

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