Fast X Left Jason Momoa with One Gripe He Hopes the 11th Film Will Fix

Universal spent a ridiculous quantity to make “Fast X,” which price a reported $340 million. That ought to imply we’re in for one hell of an motion spectacle when the movie lastly arrives, and it appears Dante’s plan to avenge his father is equally grandiose. Universal guarantees that “Dante’s plot will scatter Dom’s family from Los Angeles to the catacombs of Rome, from Brazil to London and from Portugal to Antarctica,” and that Dom’s eight-year-old son is “the ultimate target of Dante’s vengeance.”

All fairly tumultuous stuff, then. And judging by the “Fast X” trailer, it ought to end in some suitably bombastic motion, too. But what you won’t see a lot of is Jason Momoa driving a automobile. That is, in response to the actor, who instructed CinemaBlend:

“My only one maybe like bummer of the whole thing is I didn’t get to drive more, which is gonna change in the next one. […] I know how to ride motorcycles just from doing my own thing, and so I did 80 percent of the motorcycle stuff, which is great and I’m super happy that they trusted me to do it. And then the stunts that would jeopardize the whole picture, obviously a stunt man would take that over, but I really would love to drive more.”

Who can blame the person? After all, he is starring in a franchise constructed on spectacular automobile races and ridiculous driving abilities. Unfortunately, for Momoa, the saga turned far more of an all-encompassing motion franchise way back, and it appears his time behind the wheel will probably be restricted. Which is why Momoa added his “massive request” for the subsequent installment:

“I would love to go to driving school. I would love to go learn that stuff.”

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