Filming Dead Reckoning In The Pandemic Had A Silver Lining For Simon Pegg

Speaking with Cinemablend, Pegg said, “[W]ith the pandemic being the way it was when we were shooting this one, our time in Italy was incredible because we were all in these bubbles, we spent all our time with each other, the new cast members, we all bonded so quickly and so sort of intensely.” Yep, it looks like being in bubbles with the cast turned out to be a bonding experience for the group, which was no doubt a bonus, especially for new cast members who had yet to be fully part of the team.

But there was more fun to be had. As Pegg puts it, the lockdowns caused Venice to look practically empty, which is not something you see everyday. “[H]aving Venice to ourselves, we were in Venice when it was virtually deserted to the point where myself and Pom Klementieff went off and made a little short film called Au Revoir Chris Hemsworth, it’s on YouTube, check it out,” Pegg said. 

I searched “Au Revoir Chris Hemsworth” on YouTube and found this music video featuring Klementieff which I think might be what Pegg is talking about.

Pegg added: 

“Because we just had this beautiful Italian city to just have fun in. And we got shut down for ten days because we had a COVID case in the crew. So, yeah, so many memories, so many stories, I’d bore you, I’d waste your time with it.”

So there you have it: at least something good came out of those long “Dead Reckoning” delays. No word on what Tom Cruise was doing during all of this, but my guess is he was probably thinking up some crazy new way to risk his life. 

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