Foundation’s Lee Pace And Laura Birn On Their Characters’ Contradictory Relationship [Exclusive Interview]

Totally. And that actually leads nicely to my next question: If there’s a potential season 3, are there any aspects of your characters you would love to explore?

Pace: No, I would leave that to [showrunner David S. Goyer.] He’s given me such fun characters to play, so I’d be curious to know what’s on his mind. I also would be curious to see how the character responds to an even weaker empire. And then, because it all seems like it’s going in one direction, and I wonder how that will be expressed in the Cleons.

What about you, Laura?

Birn: Yeah, I’m super happy exploring whatever comes her way. I don’t want to … I keep my secrets to myself.

Oh, do you have more secrets that you know about your character?

Birn: Well, I do have some vague ideas what could happen, maybe possibly, if we were to continue.

Exciting. And Lee, I have to ask, for my last question: I’m also an avid sci-fi reader, and I was wondering, have you read any good books lately in sci-fi?

Pace: I have been in a deep study of Ursula Le Guin. I am going through a lot of her short stories right now, [“The Birthday of the World and Other Stories.”] There’s this one that takes place on a slow ship, a generational ship [a novella titled “Paradises Lost”], and it takes five generations to get to the planet that they’re going. So you’re with this one generation that’s only known the ship. That’s their world. I love her. I love everything about what she writes. I love her, this world of respect and consent that she creates. I happily go back to her again and again. You agree, right?

I agree. She’s one of the greats for a reason. For sure.

The second season of “Foundation” premieres on Apple TV+ on July 14, 2023.

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