Frisky Dingo Is A Bizarre Animated Comedy That Possibly Predicted The Future

Before Vine and TikTok helped shorten our attention spans to almost nothing, “Frisky Dingo” had the same mile-a-minute pacing that made it incredibly rewatchable. There are jokes everywhere, and Reed would hone his ability to create a good meme-able joke throughout the show’s short run. Fans of “Archer” will be able to see the foundations of that show’s main character, Sterling Archer, in Crews, a vainglorious rich boy obsessed with action movies. He’s responsible for many of the show’s catch-phrases, like “Boosh!,” though the series is ridiculously quotable. It’s a filthy, ludicrous, edgy proto-“Archer” that helped shape the lexicon of my college friends. The series’ love for pop culture references and shockingly realistic dialogue in bizarre situations mean that it’s a very specific brand of humor, but it’s strangely addictive and hard not to love once you’re on board. 

Most of the references come from action movies, but many of them are weird deep cuts. A character re-enacts a Chris Penn scene from “True Romance,” then later recites more of his lines from that movie. Taqu’il (Killer Mike), a rapper running for vice president on Killface’s presidential ticket, declines to join a duck hunt because “two words: ‘Surviving the Game’ and ‘Deliverance.'” Someone almost gets shot because they suddenly remember the name of “The Edge” with Anthony Hopkins and yell it out during said duck hunt. It’s a feast of jokes and references for fans of action cinema and superhero cartoons. 

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