Fury Road’s Character Names Have Surprisingly Simple Origins

In a dialog with Fandango in regards to the making of “Fury Road,” Miller was requested to elucidate the method of arising with the names within the movie, and he talked about the place they originate and the way they’re created:

“Fever dreams… if they stick. But they always have to be appropriate for the world….One of the things is that everything in the story has to have some sort of underlying backstory. Not just every character, but every vehicle, every weapon, every costume – and the same with the language. So [the concept] was always found objects, repurposed. Immortan Joe is a slight adjustment to the word ‘immortal.’ The character Nux says ‘mcfeasting’ instead of using the word ‘feasting.'”

As “Fury Road” unwraps its merciless, brutal world at breakneck pace, it may be difficult to maintain up with the interior workings of its world, which are sometimes by no means explicitly defined however introduced as a pure, inherent part. In spite of this, the movie succeeds in pulling audiences in as a result of Miller is aware of precisely what each object, character, or costume represents, which permits the story to really feel grounded and naturally coherent even when issues which might be alien or outlandish to our actuality are launched.

For occasion, Miller explains that the identify Slit merely conveys the gesture of 1 slicing one’s throat, which explains the character’s extremist conduct, whilst a War Boy. Also, Slit’s self-mutilating instincts lead him to reopen and sew again his wounds repeatedly, which earns him his identify within the first place. Miller additionally stated that The Dag is his favourite character identify, as a result of “in Australia, the Dag is sort of a goofball-type,” which strains up together with her persona fairly nicely, as she is seen mocking Immortan Joe to make the opposite wives chortle. 

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