Fury Road’s Flamethrower Guitar Actually Worked

As for the precise Doof Warrior, musician iOTA instructed Audiences Everywhere again in 2015 that the flamethrower was managed by a whammy bar, however whereas the flames have been actual, the music left so much to be desired.

“Yeah, Well, it made a noise. You wouldn’t want to do an album with it. It was pretty s**t. It made a great sound and, to me, it felt perfect for the environment. In the sun and the dust in the cold, it was perfect. But it was always going to be a bit s**t.”

Of course, what’s the coolest musician within the apocalypse with out the best and most annoying backstory? In that very same interview, iOTA revealed the backstory for Coma-Doof Warrior. “Coma was found with his mother’s head, after she had been killed,” he stated. “He was clinging to it and Immortan Joe came and found him and Coma took her face off and made the mask out of her face, to honor her when he went to war.”

That’s proper, the masks he is carrying on a regular basis is the precise face of Coma’s mom. This means he’s a live-action, humanoid model of Cubone, the Pokémon who wears the cranium of its lifeless mom — making “Mad Max: Fury Road” secretly a “Pokémon” film.

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