G.I. Joe Renegades Got Canceled Because Of Conflicting Toy Line Concerns

“G.I. Joe: Renegades” was a bit different from than “G.I. Joe” series of the past. This time they focused on a small group of U.S. military members who discover something suspicious at the Cobra Industries pharmaceutical company, and are branded terrorists for their claims. This small group is being hunted by both the U.S. and Cobra. 

The writers were already working on a second season when “G.I. Joe: Renegades” was canceled, leaving the story with a cliffhanger. Gilroy tells /Film a little about the plans:

“We had a second season where literally Cobra Commander was Osama bin Laden, who’s basically on the run full on […] They were terrorists…Then the Joes were brought back to be special agents for the government who were hunting down Cobra terrorists so, it was going to be really fun. We had … really fun stories for it, but this, c’est la vie.”

It’s a bummer when animated shows are canceled (something that is happening right now over at Warner Bros. Discovery), but the reason for this one is extra terrible. It has to do with conflicting toy lines. 

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