Game Of Thrones’ Rose Leslie Refuses To Say This Ygritte Line To Kit Harington

One of the recurring mantras Rose Leslie’s Ygritte utilizes throughout her run on the show was the line, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” It’s a line pulled straight from the pages of George R.R. Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” and is such a good benchmark for relaying how she feels about Jon at any given moment. It begins as a condescending dig and eventually evolves into her saying, “I love you.” As is the case with so many famous lines from properties with intense fandoms, that line has been plastered everywhere, and I guarantee that so many people have shouted it at Rose Leslie as she’s walking down the street. Because of the line’s cultural prominence, she avoids it in her actual relationship with Kit Harington. He said to Today back in 2019:

“[She’s] already said that and doesn’t ever want to say it to me again. I think she’s about as tired of that catchphrase as possible. So, I’m not going to hear that from her.”

It’s not unusual for romantic partners to have a spat — or an inside joke — where one questions the other’s sense or intelligence. “You know nothing” could conceivably be a phrase uttered in one of those instances, but I guess it’s lucky for Kit Harington that he won’t ever have that sentiment leveled at him. Of course, “You’re an idiot” is still on the table, and that fits far better into the modern vernacular than Martin’s prose, however evocative it might be.

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