Garrett Morris Didn’t Always Get The Credit He Deserved For His SNL Writing

During an appearance on Dana Carvey and David Spade’s podcast “Fly on the Wall,” Garrett Morris revealed that a staff writer, whom he would not name, took credit for a bit he’d written called “White Guilt Relief Fund.” The sketch was a riff on commercials that try to shame people into making charitable donations. In this instance, the money would go toward assuaging the guilt of white people for their participation in the United States’ racist system.

Morris took the idea to Tom Schiller, whose filmed “Schiller’s Reel” segments had become a popular part of the show. This proved to be a mistake. As Morris told Carvey and Spade:

“Schiller goes over to the studio and tells it to another guy, whose name I will not call. That guy then writes it down as his idea. When I come over, it’s written down and he’s not even giving me credit for even contributing!”

Morris was incensed. He was about to confront the writer, who’d become a favorite of Lorne Michaels, when he was offered another role. “Look, I’m a Buddhist,” said Morris. “So I don’t believe in this or any person or God, but somebody really was in the works who stopped that because I was going to make a serious, serious mistake.”

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