George Lucas Had Two Key Requirements For Choosing Return Of The Jedi’s Director

When requested about his course of, Lucas laid out, maybe dryly, how he chosen Marquand. It appeared that he was winnowed down from a “wish list” that Lucas had penned. He did not appear to have a robust choice for one director specifically, realizing he must discuss to all his “finalists” ultimately. Step one, see who’s free proper now. As Lucas mentioned: 

“First of all, you get a list of the directors who are available. Sometimes you know their work, sometimes you don’t. You eliminate the ones who aren’t available. Then you go and ask the rest if they would like to do the movie, and half of those drop out because they don’t want to do a ‘Star Wars’ movie. Who knows what personal reasons they have? You get a whole mass dropping out. So you are left with a group of, say, 20 to 30.” 

After the mass dropout of seeing who was out there and who truly needed to make a Star War, the primary spherical of interviews was scheduled. Once producer Howard Kazanjian talked to them, Lucas obtained the following spherical. It wasn’t till there have been only some left that Lucas bothered to soak up their earlier filmography. He mentioned: 

“The producer — Howard in this case — interviews them. He sees more of their films, talks to people who have worked with them before. I read the reports and say okay, these seem to be appropriate, these don’t. You take 30 and knock it down to 15. I do a quick interview with them and then knock it back to five or three. I see everything they’ve ever done in terms of work, and then I have long interviews.”

This sounds like every job interview course of one goes by means of as we speak.

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