Glass Onion’s Daniel Craig And Rian Johnson On Filming In A Pool And The Mystery Of Benoit Blanc [Exclusive Interview]

So Daniel, I’ve seen “Glass Onion.” It’s fantastic — I already told Rian this, so he’s heard my praise already. One thing that’s so interesting about it, without getting into spoilers, is that there are many layers to the story and there are scenes that the audience will see where they might not necessarily know everything that’s actually going on. And I wondered for you, playing Benoit, how did you approach those scenes where the audience might be thinking one thing, but something else is going on?

Craig: I suppose the simple answer is just that’s part of the job. To have the privilege of having something that complicated to play is rare, so that’s one. It’s also, I think, bread and butter to any actor, that joy of having something with that [complexity]. And then it’s modulating it, and I trust in Rian to watch that. I won’t say I didn’t worry about it — I did, and we had lots of discussions about it. But I knew that we were in the right place.

What’s great about the movie — many things that are good about the movie, but one that gives me endless joy, is that there are lots of things to discover in the film, and if you decide to concentrate on those things, you’ll be rewarded. If you don’t, you just want to have the joy of it, you’ll be rewarded. But if you watch it again, all of those things pay off. They’re like little presents you get as the movie goes on. I just trust this man, so it makes things a lot easier.

Absolutely. And it’s definitely a movie I can’t wait to watch again. We also see different sides of Benoit this movie. He goes to new places, he gets a new wardrobe, has some cravat action

Craig: He always had that wardrobe! This isn’t a new wardrobe.

Fair enough!

Craig: He was in Boston for one night, and it ended up being a week [in the first “Knives Out” movie]. He had to wear the same clothes. He had one change of shirt. The poor guy — he didn’t even take a razor with him.

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