Harrison Ford Got A Little Heated Over Star Wars Merch, According To Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher, who was 24 at the time, spoke to RollingStone in her own apartment, which was “crammed with antique toys, dolls and the whimsical knickknacks one might expect to find in a little girl’s bedroom.” Fisher would reminisce on the “Star Wars” merchandise that was often sent to her:

“You know, they send me ‘Star Wars’ sheets. I just gave the last ones away to some of the ‘Saturday Night Live’ writers. They called me back and said, ‘You don’t have them for double beds, do you?’ The merchandising, it’s very funny. Harrison used to get so upset: ‘Mark gets to be a puzzle, why don’t I?!’ Those kinds of arguments. And we’ll go, ‘Wait a minute! Why don’t I get to be on the pencil box for chrissake! I mean, if I’m gonna be in this and I’m gonna end up being two sizes of dolls, and a belt, and a cookie, and a hat, then why don’t I get to be on an eraser, too?'”

Today, Ford’s distaste for “Star Wars” has been well documented. However, in the 1980 feature, he actually openly considers “The Empire Strikes Back” to be some of his best work. “[‘Empire’] is the first time I’ve ever seen anything I’ve done that I’m happy with,” a 37-year-old Ford told RollingStone, even after vocalizing how much he despises watching himself on screen.

He went on to explain his contribution to one of the film’s most famous emotional beats, improvising the “I know” line before Han gets frozen in the carbonite. “This film is much more emotional, and some of the emotions are extremely difficult to deal with,” Ford continued, “The accomplishment of saying something true about those emotions is great.”

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