Harrison Ford Handled Yellowstone’s ‘Nightmare’ Weather A Bit Better Than Timothy Dalton

According to the story, the shooting conditions included blizzards and incredibly cold 10-hour shoot days, which were all outside. Dalton says, “It was a nightmare. We are on top of a hill with a blasting wind coming at us. The cameras freeze up. Your toes freeze up.” Though I’m sure it’s all good-natured, one person who apparently doesn’t complain about any of the conditions is Harrison Ford. 

Director and cinematographer Ben Richardson (“1883,” “Mayor of Kingstown,” “Tulsa King”), who directed most of the “1923” episodes, tells the publication that Ford was a great sport. He explains: 

“I’ve never had a complaint from him. I can’t express how much of a team player he is — to the point that it’s shocking. He’s Harrison Ford. He could be doing anything. I’m sure there are people who would prefer to have a double standing in. He did not.” 

That’s a lovely thing to hear, and Richardson isn’t the first person to say it. Before the series premiere, I spoke to Brian Geraghty, who plays the Dutton’s ranch foreman Zane. Geraghty says that Ford was great at riding in cowboy camp, and they all had to work hard to keep up with him. He echoed Richardson’s thoughts about Ford being a team player. He says: 

“It’s not that Harrison’s down, and we’re freezing — we’re all in a van together, trying to get warm. He’s very inclusive. He’s very funny. And Helen’s just a dream to work with, really, and to watch act. So you just try to hang in there with them. That’s my best hope.”

There are two episodes left in season 1 of “1923,” which airs on Paramount+.

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