Harrison Ford Shares Why He Joined The MCU, Won’t Comment On That Red Hulk Stuff

While chatting with podcast hosts Mike DeAngelo and Rodrigo Perez, Ford explained why he wanted to join the MCU, and it’s a thing of beautiful simplicity:

“Hey, look, I’ve done a lot of things. I now want to do some of the things I haven’t done.”

That makes a lot of sense, especially given that Ford recently signed on to star in his first television series, “Shrinking,” and then joined the Taylor Sheridan “Yellowstone” universe with a role in the spin-off series, “1923.” The two projects should provide plenty of opportunities for Ford to stretch his acting skills, as “Shrinking” is a dark comedy about a psychiatrist (Jason Segel) who starts breaking the rules, while “1923” is a Prohibition-era period piece about the series’ beloved ranch and the family that owns it. “1923” is already a huge hit, breaking streaming records to have the biggest debut in Paramount history, so he’s doing something new there, too. 

When DeAngelo asked Ford if he would don a motion capture suit for the first time soon, the actor smiled and replied with a “zipped-lips” gesture. DeAngelo was referring to the fact that Thaddeus Ross becomes the Red Hulk in the comics, and fans would love to see Ford hulk out. There have been other hints in the MCU that Red Hulk is on his way, so hopefully Ford is just being coy to keep corporate happy. I mean, c’mon, it’s just too good to not do. 

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