Harrison Ford Wasn’t Afraid To Get Physical For Indiana Jones: Dial Of Destiny

Harrison Ford has remained a largely physical actor well into the later years of his career, having also depicted the combative U.S. President in Wolfgang Peterson’s “Air Force One” and a hard hitting security specialist in “Firewall.” (Remember Ford smashing through a cabin window in the trailer?) The quieter, funnier side of Ford has always been part of his charm as well, but the stunts he’s performed over multiple films have definitely caught up with him. He’s still tough as nails, but James Mangold revealed that even Ford got a little worn down after being thrown around so much on the set of “Dial of Destiny,” telling THR:

“Harrison is not unlike Indy in the sense he’s carrying with him the scars of all the films he’s made, as well as his own private calamities. He is literally this embodiment of all those bruises, broken bones and being bounced off walls and being thrown to the floor over so many years. As any actor or stuntman will tell you, this stuff takes its toll, especially when the director keeps going, ‘One more time!'”

After getting a closer look at the high-flying action in the latest trailer unveiled during Super Bowl LVII, Ford will be seen falling out of a plane, fist fighting with Nazis, and gallivanting on horseback through a ticker tape parade. Indy will also inevitably clash with Mads Mikkelsen at some point, who’ll be playing a former “Nazi” named Voller with serious plans to sabotage the Apollo moon landing program. Set in 1969, the film’s action set pieces should still be front and center but Indy’s age will definitely be a major factor. As it should be.

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” explodes into theaters on June 30, 2023.

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