Hasbro’s New Ahsoka Action Figures Deliver Live-Action Versions Of The Star Wars Rebels Crew

The Black Series of “Star Wars” merchandise delivers 6-inch collectible action figures with substantially more detail than the smaller, standard 3.75-inch line, and “Ahsoka” will be joining the roster with three of the show’s main characters. 

First, we’re getting a simple update of Ahsoka Tano with Rosario Dawson’s likeness. This isn’t the first action figure version of the live-action iteration of the character, so if you already have Ahsoka, this may not be an instant buy unless you absolutely need to have every iteration of the hero.

Next, we have Mary Elizabeth Winstead joining your shelf as Hera Syndulla. This figure is light on the accessories, coming with only a small blaster, but because this figure is adapting the live-action version of the “Star Wars Rebels” character, it’s much different from the Black Series version that was previously released. 

Finally, rounding out this first wave of Black Series figures from “Ahsoka,” we have a new version of Sabine Wren. Aside from featuring the likeness of Natasha Liu Bordizzo, complete with a new wardrobe look that still keeps Sabine’s armor intact, there’s an awesome new accessory that ties into new details about her character. As the “Ahsoka” trailer indicated, it would seem that Ahsoka once tried to train Sabine as a Jedi, so she has her own green lightsaber, and the hilt looks particularly cool. Otherwise, she comes with her Mandalorian helmet and signature dual blasters. She just might be the best new figure from “Ahsoka” (at least so far). 

All of these figures are available on Amazon and Hasbro Pulse for $24.99 each.

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