Heath Ledger’s Joker Inspired Jonathan Majors’ Work On Ant-Man And Creed III

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Jonathan Majors expressed his admiration for Heath Ledger’s turn as the Joker. Specifically, how the actor’s looks, which had caused a stir among fans when he was first cast, didn’t stop him from becoming immersed in the character with his physicality and mannerisms. Majors said: “Okay, first of all, he’s gorgeous. He’s got that f***ing jawline, and he didn’t give a f***. He threw his body around. He was so full.” Ledger’s Joker was a highlight of “The Dark Knight,” and the sometimes unsuspecting demeanor of the clown prince of crime is just one of many layers in a mesmerizing performance that makes so many look back on it fondly.

Majors is very clearly one of those people, and now that he has his chance to leave his mark on the same genre of film in the role of a villain, the actor described his newfound aspiration to strive for the same level of acting: “I went, ‘I’m coming for that. I’m inspired.’ It takes a lot, you feel me? To be inspired.” As Kang the Conquerer, Majors will be going up against Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) in “Quantumania,” and then the entirety of the Avengers in the aptly titled “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty.” Filling the shoes of Josh Brolin’s Thanos is no easy feat — thankfully, Majors seems to understand not just what makes a villain, but also what makes comic book movies so compelling to audiences, as evidenced by his essay on “The Dark Knight.”

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