Henry Cavill Was An Unofficial Stunt Coordinator On The Witcher Season 3

Liam Hemsworth is taking over as Geralt after “The Witcher” season 3, but that doesn’t mean Henry Cavill phoned in his last go-round as the White Wolf. Quite the opposite, in fact. For the latest run of episodes, he once again worked without a stunt double, performing every fight himself. But as stunt coordinator Wolfgang Stegemann revealed to Unilad, Cavill went a step further this time, with the actor becoming like a “second fight coordinator” on the show’s third season. Steggemann added:

“What many people don’t know, they think the stunt team comes together and we start choreographing something and show it to him. It’s not like that. He’s, from the beginning, there and giving all his input.”

Steggemann explained how he and Cavill would meet ahead of shooting to figure out how to “approach the scene and how’s the storytelling,” characterizing the process as “like composing a song.” Revealing that Cavill was “deeply involved in the whole process” of crafting fight scenes in “The Witcher,” Stegemann recalled how their collaborative work went beyond designing the combat and extended to the camera movement and shot selection. He said, “Henry and I basically sit together on the monitor and we hold the cameras and go through the fight to find the right angles, the right movements.”

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