Hereditary Star Alex Wolff Joins The Cast Of A Quiet Place: Day One

The same year Wolff stunned indie horror audiences in “Hereditary,” mainstream audiences fell in love with “A Quiet Place,” the John Krasinski-directed standout that imagined a world where monstrous beings have invaded Earth and hunt humans using their hypersensitive alien hearing. The movie was a noteworthy genre entry that had mainstream clout behind it, which is how Wolff made his way over to the franchise in the first place. 

“A Quiet Place” was a major hit and sparked a sequel film, “A Quiet Place Part II,” released two years later in 2020. From there, a third installment — the upcoming “Day One” prequel, whose exact plot is still under wraps — was ordered for 2024, followed by a fourth entry that will serve as a sequel to the second film called “A Quiet Place Part III” scheduled for 2025. The franchise is stacked and sorted for the next few years, though little is known about the upcoming installments as far as casting and overall narrative. Either way, it’s exciting to have Wolff on board alongside two other exciting casting choices. 

However, those are the only ones we’ve got. So far, only Wolff, “Stranger Things” star Joseph Quinn, and “Us” star Lupita Nyong’o have been tapped to star in “A Quiet Place: Day One.” It is currently scheduled to be released theatrically on March 8, 2024 after being pushed from its previous release dates, March 31 and September 23 of this year.

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