Here’s How Many Takes It Took To Get Danny DeVito’s Always Sunny Couch Scene Perfect

Crawling out of a couch naked might seem like a crazy scene for the “Taxi” alum to agree to, but DeVito has pulled some pretty shocking stunts on “Sunny” — and he doesn’t plan to tone it down any time soon. “So far, there’s nothing they’ve come up with in their addled brains that I’ve refused,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve been slimed, I’ve fallen out of windows, I’ve climbed out of couches naked, I’ve done all kinds of things.” 

The couch scene actually sounded like fun to DeVito at first. It was only once he got on set that reality began to sink in. “When I read the script I thought, wow, this is gonna be cool,” the actor recalled on The Jonathan Ross Show. “Then the idea is I have to come out of the couch a certain way […] And you read it and you go okay, you know, I’ll do that, that sounds like really fun. I know the cast, I know the crew, I figure it’s gonna be fine. But you don’t realize you’re gonna be in a room with a cocktail party with like a hundred people you’ve never seen before.”

To make matters worse, the “Matilda” star had to embarrass himself in a room full of strangers more than just once. But it wasn’t DeVito that was missing his cue — it was his co-star, Kaitlin Olson, who was rendered speechless. “I had to come out of the couch like four or five times,” he continued. “So the first take, I come out of the couch […] and there’s a clip on Youtube that you can see where [Olson] is looking at me [with her mouth agape]. I was in there a while.”

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