Here’s How Netflix Will Try To Keep You From Sharing The Password To Your Account

If you’re reading all of this information and are shaking your head, then good. Netflix hasn’t been shy about wanting to crack down on password sharing, but these tactics seem egregious and tedious for no reason. When I was in college, I frequently used my parents’ Netflix account, and even now, some members of my extended family have profiles under it. We pay for the top subscription model every month, so why is it a problem that not all of us are living under one roof? This is a question that many people online are starting to ask, and it seems completely fair.

The worst part about this is that Netflix could be shooting itself in the foot with this decision. Many of the records that the platform holds for its viewership could dwindle if they insist that everyone using the platform poney up for hefty subscription fees. Sure, there are multiple subscription tiers, but they all have drawbacks that only serve to make the most expensive tier (Premium at $19.99 per month) the “best” possible option. It could only make viewers drive away from the service, thus making viewership records held by projects like “Stranger Things” and “Wednesday” feel less impressive.

It is unknown when these policies will go into effect worldwide. However, we hope that Netflix considers reversing them soon, as the cons drastically outweigh the pros.

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