Here’s How The Fast X Team Incorporated Jason Momoa Into Those Fast Five Flashbacks

After transferring the 35 mm “Fast Five” footage to digital, Letterier mentioned they utilized computer-generated imagery and even dusted off some previous cameras to make the insertion of Jason Momoa into that film by way of flashbacks occur. It’s actually not the primary time the “Aquaman” star has appeared underwater by way of CG. In this case, nonetheless, the method was aided by the truth that Leterrier was working with the identical director of images as “Fast Five”:

“We put our characters into pre-existing footage through motion control and CG, and then we also shot new bits with the same film stock and cameras as ‘Fast Five.’ Stephen Windon was our DP, and he has shot most of the ‘Fast’ movies since [‘Fast & Furious’ (2009)]. So he also shot ‘Fast Five,’ and he remembered exactly what he did and what his light meter read back then. So it looks and feels seamless. You cannot really tell what’s new and what’s old, because every shot is a hybrid.”

Though it is made a reputation for itself with platitudes about household, “Fast & Furious” is hardly the primary blockbuster franchise to get free with some family-related retcons. Next week marks the fortieth anniversary of “Return of the Jedi,” a movie that famously retconned Princess Leia as Luke Skywalker’s sister, thereby rendering awkward their kiss on the mouth in “The Empire Strikes Back.”

As it “violates the laws of God and gravity,” no less than “Fast X” had the decency to be suave about its retconning. At the speed it is going, we will most likely count on to satisfy one other long-lost member of the family or two earlier than the “Fast & Furious” collection races throughout the end line.

“Fast X,” which could possibly be the beginning of a trilogy that ends the franchise, is in theaters now.

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