Here’s How You Can Watch Spoiler Alert At Home

If you’re not interested in picking up “Spoiler Alert” on Blu-ray (“they said without an ounce of judgment … okay, maybe just a sliver of judgment”), you could instead stream the movie on Peacock starting February 3, 2023. “Spoiler Alert” has also been available to rent or buy on digital platforms like Vudu for a while, so there are other options if neither of those sounds appealing.

Speak of the devil, NBCUniversal’s streaming platform continued to bleed billions of dollars in cash in 2022 and is expected to lose even more in 2023. Whichever way it fares in the next stage of the streaming wars, Peacock now houses an eclectic pack of lesser-seen 2022 releases from Universal and Focus Features, with “Spoiler Alert” soon to join the ranks of “She Said” and the Best Picture contender “TÁR,” as well as the aforementioned “Bros.” Couple that with the arrival of Rian Johnson’s “Poker Face” and the streamer boasts a whole lot more bang for your buck than it did at the top of 2022. If you’ve been holding out on getting a subscription, this feels like a decent time to reconsider.

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