Here’s When You Can Watch Skinamarink At Home

“Skinamarink” is a pretty difficult movie to describe. Its plot is conveyed through terrifyingly abstract visuals, unnerving sound design, and very little actual acting. However, that just makes it even more nuts that it managed to get a nationwide theatrical release in the first place. This is a type of movie that you wouldn’t think would resonate with anyone outside of its intended audience, but it broke down that barrier with gusto. It’s also extremely impressive that it has made over a million dollars at the box office considering it was embroiled in a piracy scandal late in 2022. Needless to say, Ball and his team deserve the continuing success they’re experiencing, because, against all odds, they made an avant-garde sensory experience work for a mainstream audience.

It also should go to show how important of a service Shudder is for horror fans, as well. /Film’s BJ Colangelo recently wrote an essay on the platform in response to cost-cutting measures implemented by its parent company, AMC Networks. The importance for a horror-centric streaming service is vital for discovering underseen gems or rediscovering long-lost classics. However, arguably the acquisitions made by IFC Midnight that are labeled as “Shudder Exclusives” have the most important impact — by obtaining the streaming rights to a small indie horror and putting it on Shudder, that film is almost guaranteed an audience. “Skinamarink” is going to be one of those exclusive movies, and it deserves the hype.

“Skinmarink” is now playing in select theaters and will arrive on Shudder on February 2.

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